Roosma & Laenen (forthcoming).

  • April 19, 2023

New Horizons in Welfare Attitudes Research. A Research Agenda for Public Attitudes to Welfare. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Bringing together contributions from a diverse range of international scholars, A Research Agenda for Public Attitudes to Welfare draws upon past and contemporary research methods used to study citizens’ attitudes to welfare. It highlights the rapidly growing research potential within the field, examining both new and understudied social policies to map out a comprehensive agenda for future research.

This essential Research Agenda offers crucial suggestions to broaden the scope of research in the field and expand our knowledge of public attitudes to welfare. Chapters examine support for new social welfare policies such as active labour market policies, Universal Basic Income, and Social Europe, as well as investigating support among understudied subgroups in the population and over the life course. It ultimately emphasizes the importance of applying different analytical and methodological perspectives in order to understand public attitudes to welfare more thoroughly.

Employing a diverse range of data and methods, this informative Research Agenda will benefit scholars of sociology, social policy, political science, and economics seeking to gain insight on public attitudes to welfare and welfare states. It will also be useful to social policy professionals and officials endeavouring to reflect on the progress of research within the field.


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