Laenen, Meuleman, Otto, Roosma & Van Lancker (2020).

  • March 17, 2021

Leading Social Policy Analysis from the Front. Essays in Honour of Wim van Oorschot. Leuven: Centre for Sociological Research, KU Leuven.

Abstract: This Liber Amicorum for Wim van Oorschot is published at the occassion of his retirement as Professor of Social Policy at the Centre for Sociological Research, KU Leuven (Belgium). It is a collection of chapters written by his former and current students and colleagues. The different chapters cover a broad array of societally relevant topics but are all -each in their own unique way- related to Wim van Oorschot’s academic oeuvre. The first part of the book reflects on Wim’s remarkable career and his contributions to the social policy discipline. In the second part, different types of social policies, as well as their causes and consequences are analysed. The third part focuses on popular attitudes towards such social policies. Taken together, the book demonstrates the impressive width and depth of Wim’s academic work, which will continue to inspire many researchers in the years to come.


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